MasterCard gift card balance check! Know more about it

Summary: the following information deals with how to check the balance available in the MasterCard gift card, as there are many ways to check the balance we will discuss the most convenient one.

Shopping being the favourite activity especially ladies and teenagers, no one would like to miss the opportunity to buy the wishful items during any time of the year. At that point of time the MasterCard plays a major role in maintaining the money and balancing the budget. These cards are preloaded and can be kept for future use, the main benefit here is that the amount which is loaded in the card can only be used when you decide the payment option through these gift cards hence your total amount must fall and match the amount present in the gift card. For this purpose you have to keep a regular track of MasterCard gift card balance.

Gift Card Balance

In order to use the prepaid card you must first activate the card, if your card is not activated then it will not be valid for any time of purchase. We will now discuss how to activate the gift card, the following steps must be followed such as:

  • The process of activation is not as difficult as it sounds, you have to visit the official page of MasterCard and enter the zip code followed by your 16 digit card number.
  • There will be option which says edit the card, as soon as you enter the zip code it automatically registers you card.
  • You will get a confirmation on email and phone once your card is verified and registered.
  • Once you are done with the above process, don’t forget to sign at the back of your card to make it completely valid for use.

There will be situations where your card might get declined by the operator or electronic machine, such situations are discussed below:

  1. When there is insufficient balance in the gift card, he card will automatically get rejected at the billing station.
  2. If your card is not activated it will not accept any type of transaction.
  3. Make sure to sign the card to make it valid and avoid rejection.

There is certain amount of fee that is charged during the activation process, this fee is usually different for every card. Hence it is recommended that you must compare all the available cards before making a purchase. You must check the rewards available and charges that will be applicable, in order to avoid any arrears it is better that you pay all the necessary charges on time.

With all this information it is also mandatory for the card holder to check the MasterCard gift card balance regularly on time as it is non reloadable it is better that you fund the card with sufficient balance which will take care of all your needs as planned.